MY INITIAL IDEAS ARE TO DO A MAGAZINE. on the interesting details of Frome, whether that is, the best place to go and see if Frome? What is so special about the town. I decided to do a magazine instead of a movie, documentary or music video, because out of these options, I felt that doing a magazine was the best decision, as it was my strong point and i have now had practice creating magazines in the past few months.

My magazine will contain, information on the most visited places in Frome, i will also go into detail of the vintage side of Frome. Frome has a range of different places and shops. Personally i think that there is a place for everyone in Frome. It still has its vintage vibe, but the shops have been updated.

My magazine will contain a lot of images of the popular places people visit. even some of the old buildings that people like to visit. I’m currently deciding what should be my main story. I’m really liking the idea of concentrating on the old a vintage parts of Frome as they have more of a background. I think there is also a lot more to talk about when it comes to the history of Frome.Frome


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