I have chosen to do a ‘Regional’ magazine, I have decided to do this because, I have experience in creating magazine covers and pages, so I feel that this is a strong point for me, and this time round I can make my magazine a lot better. For the Codes and Conventions I chose to look at the ‘Salisbury life’ regional magazine, this magazine it the one that looked like had the most information on so it will be better to analyse. Also for this magazine o found other covers that I can talk about and analyse. The main aim for local magazines is to get people interested in going there and exploring all the different places to visit there.  It also contains a lot of updated news on the recent stories and events.A regional magazine contains, most of the same features a normal magazine would have, this includes, a Masthead, sub-heading, main image and many pull quotes, to make you want to read the magazine, price and bar code – if you have to pay for one. You can finds lots of these local magazines are free. You can find them in many shops, usually in the entrance/exit. To make up for the fact that all/most magazines are free, the magazines contain a lot of advertisements, so by advertising things in their magazines can gain money that way


The front cover of the ‘Salisbury life’ magazine is aiming to get people to come a visit Salisbury. For just one of their covers, the big aim was to inform people on what just outside, for example the art galleries and the riverside. By having the colour scheme as green and blue, you can clearly see that Salisbury is in the country side. At the top of the page, the magazine advertises some of the things that you can find in Salisbury. By reading this magazine they will be able to fully understand what sort of things that you can find in Salisbury.  The cover is just giving hints and ideas, to make you want to get the magazine and read into what is really at Salisbury.

The cover of the magazine is the most important part of the magazine, the cover will determine whether people are attracted to the magazine or if they completely ignore it. For the cover you will need to make sure that people are going to see it and they are instantly going to want to pick it up and read it. Advertising a place can be difficult, if the cover is boring and has no interesting adverts.

I chose this contents page from the ‘Bath life’ magazine; I chose this one because it is similar to the rest of the contents page just a lot clearer. The heading of the contents page is very clear, but it’s not big. The heading doesn’t have to be very obvious because people already know what magazine they are reading, as it was on the cover.

Having sub-headings on a contents page is really important so people can see what they are reading, and if they are looking for something in particular, they will easily find it. Like on this magazine they have their sub-headings in red and in bold, this makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for, or even something just stands out to them, they would want to read in to it and see what it’s about.

Contents pages also usually contain some sort of advertisement, for a place that’s recently had great reviews or something, for this page they have chosen to advertise a school in Bath. On this advert it has a schools motto ‘Inspired. Always’, to inspire children, and a little bit of information on the picture, doing this will tease your audience, make them want to read into it, the image is also really important because it shows the school. It shows the students. The uniform. Every detail in the image matters as these people could potentially send their children to this school.

When people pick up a magazine they want to see images, not just text, people get bored of reading just text without any images to show, for example if you are reading an article of a beautiful garden or a shop of some sort, you are going to want to see what it looks like, so then you can decide whether to visit or not. Seeing images on a magazine is what attracts someone to pick it up. So this is why images are important on any magazine. As you can see on this page it has an image of some shops and the page number at the bottom. This will make you audience want see what it is about so they will look at that certain page a read more about it.

I have also taken these pages from the ‘Bath life’ magazine. I really like the layout and the colour scheme of this magazine I think that basic but it works well and is easy to read and see everything, it’s not a mess. This article is about a new shop that has opened up and there are images to show what it looks like and what sort of products this woman will be selling


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