This is my target audience profile. For my profile I have chosen this women as i feel like she is the closest image to what i was thinking. as you can see she is not old but by the image i can tell she has the same sort of personality suited to my magazine. Judging by the image you can see that this girl likes to travel, and explore things, also judging by her clothes i can see that she walks a lot. i can also see that loves travelling as you tell by her face that she seems really happy, possibly by standing in front of the amazing view. by visiting Frome she will find out some really interesting facts about Frome and all the history that it has. I feel like she would be the perfect sort of person that would like to pick up my magazine and read into all the articles about the life of Frome.

I’ve decided to completely change my idea, originally i was doing my magazine about Frome, but now i’m doing it on Glastonbury town, not the festival. My ideal audience person would be someone who loved a little adventure. As i will be talking about the Tor so this person, would need to be up for a little trek up a little hill to see the tower. They have also go to be into history, as the Tor is ancient and has a lot of  history behind it.

For the second part of my magazine, i will be doing it on the main town, so this person will have to be very unique. someone who’s into sparkly vintage clothing, also some who likes the smell of incense. Glastonbury high street has very unique, there are no regular shops there, that you would find in every other town, it very indian/vintage themed so my ideal audience would be someone into that sort of clothing and loving the indian theme, with elephants and incense.




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