My target audience would a range of different types of people/ groups. the main audience for my regional magazine would be someone who likes to travel, people that are really interested in small towns, small towns with quite a big reputation. i think that those sort of people will be really interested in reading my magazine, to see what sort of unique this and places to visit in Frome. I also think that older people would like this magazine (40+) some people of this age likes vintage. They also like history I feel like my magazine will contain a lot about the vintage areas of Frome and reading into the history of Frome. I think that someone looking for somewhere to live that is calm and quiet but has a lot going on in it, would love to read this magazine, small towns are quite popular for older people, as they prefer places that are private and a lot quieter.

Personally i don’t that many young children/ young adults will be interested in my magazine, looking at other regional magazines the covers of them aren’t really eye opening, for that young a person. there are many articles on the covers, talking about places that are for sale, and as a young adult this wouldn’t really matter to them as they don’t need to be looking at places to stay, these magazines are also advertising the life of the town/city. schools/shops/houses etc. all of these things are important for an adult/ mum to know so that they can see what sort of place they will be visiting/living in.

for my magazine I think that my audience would be adults, adults with all different interests, i think there are many different reasons adults would be into my magazine, this could be whether they are looking for a place to live, or they just want to visit certain places that are advertised on the magazine, or if they just wanted to find out more about the history of the town. For any of these reasons i think that adults would want to pick up and read my magazine.


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