Finally finished all of the coursework, i’m done making all the changes to it, changing my idea completely I had to change my; initial ideas and target audiences. to make it suit my final piece. For the initial ideas instead of deleting my first one, i decided just to add to it, i thought that […]

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Target Audience

The update of my target audience is for the Glastonbury instead of Frome. For this magazine the target audience is very flexible, there are two main attractions on my magazine that will attract very different people. the first attraction is the Glastonbury Tor, this is my main attraction for my final piece. The Tor is […]

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Screenshots of progress

Adjusting the opacity of the image in the background, as you can see I have adjusted the intensity of the image in the background, i didn’t want the image to look to bold, so it would drown out the article pull quotes out. Adding white box behind competition text, i thought would add the box […]

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Final piece progression 02/09/17

Here is my progress working on the second page of my magazine, currently i am experimenting with different typography, I don’t want to use more than two different fonts, as i don’t want to make the article confusing to read. For the title i am planning on using one of my own images taken, showing […]

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Final piece progression 31/08/17

Tonight i have started the layout of my front cover, as you can see i have already come up with my title, and i already know what i’m going to write for my little ‘pull quote’ and other little advertisements, i was just playing around with some different fonts and seeing what looks best on […]

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Target Audience

As i have changed my idea completely, my ideal target audience has also changed. My target audience now will be someone, who loves colour and sparkles, someone quite hippy like. this shop contains a lot of sparkles some pompoms and a lot of vintage clothing, for men, women and children. This person possibly goes to […]

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