Screenshots of progress

Adjusting the opacity of the image in the background, as you can see I have adjusted the intensity of the image in the background, i didn’t want the image to look to bold, so it would drown out the article pull quotes out. Adding white box behind competition text, i thought would add the box […]

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Human resource/Equipment

The only Human resource i will be using are the owners of the shop i will interviewing i will also be adding their pictures onto their article, for this i will be taking their photos in the shop, they will be stood in front of their best clothes, this will not only have a really […]

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Construction- Problems?

The only small problem I have encountered, is the major change in what i’m doing for my final piece. It means that i’m going to have to completely change all of the research i have been doing for my original idea. But i am really happy with ┬ámy final idea because i feel i will […]

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Construction- Changes?

I have made a complete change to my original idea, originally my plan was to make my magazine based around my hometown- Frome. but i have only just decided that i want to do my magazine on Glastonbury, which i know a lot about and many of the best places to eat, shop and visit. […]

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Construction- Creative Decisions

For my front cover I’m going to make the main focus to be the Glastonbury Tor, this is because, you don’t find things like that in every town, also because the Glastonbury Tor in ancient, its history. The Tor is another word for high rock or hill. this was built in the medieval period, that […]

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