Construction- Changes?

I have made a complete change to my original idea, originally my plan was to make my magazine based around my hometown- Frome. but i have only just decided that i want to do my magazine on Glastonbury, which i know a lot about and many of the best places to eat, shop and visit. Glastonbury is very different to many towns an cities. it doesn’t have a lot of shops or places on the high street like other towns. It doesn’t really have like Costa, or subway. like many of the other towns do. the food served is much more posh and vegan like.

I have already planned what i’m going to do my different pages on, whereas i was struggling to think of things to include originally when i was going to do my magazine about Frome. I’m very happy with my final decision.


Construction- Creative Decisions

For my front cover I’m going to make the main focus to be the Glastonbury Tor, this is because, you don’t find things like that in every town, also because the Glastonbury Tor in ancient, its history. The Tor is another word for high rock or hill. this was built in the medieval period, that is special. Having that on the front cover on your magazine is guaranteed to get some people wanting to visit to read into it a bit more, and check it out in person. Its almost like Stonehenge, it may look like just a bunch of rocks in a field, but its the history that is important about it, and why so many people visit regularly.

for the article page, i’m going to base that on one specific shop, one that i know a lot about and this shop is very unique that has things for everyone. The reason i have chosen to do this for the article page, is because i know so much about it so i can write so much on the article.

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