Finally finished all of the coursework, i’m done making all the changes to it, changing my idea completely I had to change my; initial ideas and target audiences. to make it suit my final piece. For the initial ideas instead of deleting my first one, i decided just to add to it, i thought that it was a good idea to show my original ideas.

all there is left to do now is my ancillaries and evaluation.


Screenshots of progress

Adjusting the opacity of the image in the background, as you can see I have adjusted the intensity of the image in the background, i didn’t want the image to look to bold, so it would drown out the article pull quotes out.

Screen shot 2017-09-14 at 15.52.15

Adding white box behind competition text, i thought would add the box to make that piece of writing stand out. It didn’t really look that good with the background image so i adjusted it again.

Screen shot 2017-09-14 at 16.02.25



By adding a faint white box behind the title was supposed to make the title stand out and make the writing look bigger, i made it faint because i don’t think that it would look right if it was completely bold.

Screen shot 2017-09-14 at 16.24.52

I decided to move the the competition to the side with all the articles on. I chose to do this because i didn’t want anything to cover the Tor as that is the main attraction i want everyone to be able to see it.

Screen shot 2017-09-14 at 16.17.33

Final piece progression 02/09/17

Screen shot 2017-09-12 at 15.57.42

Here is my progress working on the second page of my magazine, currently i am experimenting with different typography, I don’t want to use more than two different fonts, as i don’t want to make the article confusing to read. For the title i am planning on using one of my own images taken, showing the shop sign.

Final piece progression 31/08/17

Screen shot 2017-09-11 at 00.25.29

Tonight i have started the layout of my front cover, as you can see i have already come up with my title, and i already know what i’m going to write for my little ‘pull quote’ and other little advertisements, i was just playing around with some different fonts and seeing what looks best on the cover. This time round i have decided to use a different website/app to create this magazine cover, i decided to do this because i feel like i struggled with my last magazine cover, as i didn’t like the website i was using to create the page, so this time i chose i different one- called ‘indesign’, this app you can only use on a mac.

diary entry 31/09/17

So yesterday i uploaded my historical research, and i went back today to add a little more to it, afterwards i went to get my results for my questionnaire, and it turns out i only have 2 reviews on it. so i’m not sure how i’m going to complete that one yet.

the only thing left to go up on my blog now is the construction pieces that i intend to get done and uploaded by tonight.

Diary Entry 29/08/17

Its been a while since i have written a diary entry, today’s plan is to get my historical research and the results of my questionnaire uploaded onto my blog. afterwards i’m going to concentrate on getting my final piece done and get that uploaded as soon as i can. I’ve already planned and come up with my articles and plans for it, i just need to get it done.

DIARY ENTRY 23/06/17

I have just finished and uploaded my target audience. I have also finally sorted out my site, now i have all the different menus on the site that will make it a lot easier to find certain things for example. All of my diary entries will be put onto one page. i am happy that i have don’t it now, so that i ┬áhave to worry about it when i have finished. my next steps are to complete my target audience profile, my aim is to get that uploaded by tonight.

DIARY ENTRY – 16/06/17

This week I have finished and uploaded my initial ideas, my initial contained my plan of what I wanted and what I was going to do, it also contained an image of Frome town as a little idea of the things I may include in my magazine.

this week I have also started my codes and conventions and I am currently half way through that. the pages I have chosen to analyse is the cover from ‘Salisbury life’ and I have analyzed the contents page and an article page from the ‘Bath life’ magazine. I am hoping to have that finished and uploaded by the end of today so I can crack on with my historical research page.

Diary Entry 08/06/2017

Today i have started planning and deciding what I’m going to do for my main Product. I have came to the decision that i was going to do a local magazine based around Frome. living there all my most of my life I have already come up with ideas of what i will include in my magazine. The many places to visit and try. I am looking forward to look into more detail about the history and background of Frome.

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