DIARY ENTRY 23/06/17

I have just finished and uploaded my target audience. I have also finally sorted out my site, now i have all the different menus on the site that will make it a lot easier to find certain things for example. All of my diary entries will be put onto one page. i am happy that i have don’t it now, so that i ┬áhave to worry about it when i have finished. my next steps are to complete my target audience profile, my aim is to get that uploaded by tonight.

DIARY ENTRY – 16/06/17

This week I have finished and uploaded my initial ideas, my initial contained my plan of what I wanted and what I was going to do, it also contained an image of Frome town as a little idea of the things I may include in my magazine.

this week I have also started my codes and conventions and I am currently half way through that. the pages I have chosen to analyse is the cover from ‘Salisbury life’ and I have analyzed the contents page and an article page from the ‘Bath life’ magazine. I am hoping to have that finished and uploaded by the end of today so I can crack on with my historical research page.

Diary Entry 08/06/2017

Today i have started planning and deciding what I’m going to do for my main Product. I have came to the decision that i was going to do a local magazine based around Frome. living there all my most of my life I have already come up with ideas of what i will include in my magazine. The many places to visit and try. I am looking forward to look into more detail about the history and background of Frome.