Target Audience

The update of my target audience is for the Glastonbury instead of Frome. For this magazine the target audience is very flexible, there are two main attractions on my magazine that will attract very different people. the first attraction is the Glastonbury Tor, this is my main attraction for my final piece. The Tor is […]

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Target Audience

As i have changed my idea completely, my ideal target audience has also changed. My target audience now will be someone, who loves colour and sparkles, someone quite hippy like. this shop contains a lot of sparkles some pompoms and a lot of vintage clothing, for men, women and children. This person possibly goes to […]

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The main location is Glastonbury, but i will be talking about and including different areas of Glastonbury in my magazine. Including different images from the main high street different shops and nice places to eat. But most importantly, i will be going up to the Glastonbury Tor, which will be my main feature in my […]

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Planning- Synopsis of text

For my front cover i will be talking about and going into detail about the Glastonbury Tor as that will be the main image of the front page. I will also be talking about the Tor as it’s a very popular artefact. i’m going to be going to detail with the Tor i’m going to […]

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This is my target audience profile. For my profile I have chosen this women as i feel like she is the closest image to what i was thinking. as you can see she is not old but by the image i can tell she has the same sort of personality suited to my magazine. Judging […]



My target audience would a range of different types of people/ groups. the main audience for my regional magazine would be someone who likes to travel, people that are really interested in small towns, small towns with quite a big reputation. i think that those sort of people will be really interested in reading my […]



MY INITIAL IDEAS ARE TO DO A MAGAZINE. on the interesting details of Frome, whether that is, the best place to go and see if Frome? What is so special about the town. I decided to do a magazine instead of a movie, documentary or music video, because out of these options, I felt that […]