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Magazine publishing started out in the 17th Century. Some of the well known Regional magazines include; The London magazine, which started in 1732 and then ended 1785. This is more of a literature based magazine, however they do write about culture and young English writers from London. Another publication called The Scots Magazine, started in 1739 and republished as the Edinburgh magazine, in 1826. This magazine features articles about, Scotland’s history, wildlife, places and culture, this magazine was also the winner of the PPA awards in 2016. From what i can discover the earliest publications came from France, in 1663 and later on began in England in 1665. It seems that Europe was the main place for publishing magazines, including regional.

First issued in 1898, the Sunset magazine, based in California (America). Focuses on 13 Western States in the west of America, it is published monthly and as written on their website they are “passionate about showcasing the regions unique lifestyle and noteworthy destinations, inspiring people to achieve the dream of living in the west”. They have nearly 5 million readers and market their magazines online as well as on paper, through various media platforms.

One of the best selling Regional magazines in the UK is ‘Cornwall Life’. Carol burns the editor of the Cornwall magazine says that the aim of the magazine is to “enhance the lives you, our readers, we want to help you spend your time and money wisely, so if you’re looking for somewhere to live or just like to see how the other half lives, then Cornwall is for you”. The magazines also introduces you to interesting people in the County and shows you their lives.

Another really popular regional magazine is the Dorset magazine, the magazines contains the nature, the landscape, the people, the buildings and all the other facets of the county in which we are so fortunate to live. The main popular regional magazines are the ones with the beaches and the views, people like to go to the countryside, were its peaceful and beautiful.

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looking at these most popular magazines and the sort of things they include in their magazines has inspired me to do something different, include things that aren’t very popular, things that aren’t in every town. People like to read the magazines that are different, for example the main thing that the ‘Cornwall Life’ magazine advertises is their beaches, you don’t see beaches in every town, city. As you can see on the cover of the magazine every article advertises the sea. best places to surf, places visit/eat next to the sea. Advertising the best and most different areas of your town/ city will get you the most visitors.

For the magazine that i am producing i will be including, the best places to visit, but i will also make sure that the place/area is different and cant be found in any other to


wn and city. Frome is quite a special town, there are many things and places to visit in Frome that you wouldn’t find in every town/city. Even the most simple thing, Catherine Hill, with many unique shops.


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