Target Audience

As i have changed my idea completely, my ideal target audience has also changed. My target audience now will be someone, who loves colour and sparkles, someone quite hippy like. this shop contains a lot of sparkles some pompoms and a lot of vintage clothing, for men, women and children.

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This person possibly goes to a lot festivals, loves to dress up and enjoys being sparkly. Glastonbury has a lot of vintage and hippy shops, people that love Indian style things with some incense to add. A lot of the food and restaurants in Glastonbury are vegan. The shops in Glastonbury are very different to your everyday Boots or Super drug. These shops are very unique, so if you are wanting a change or to shop somewhere different Glastonbury high street is the place for you.




For the other side of Glastonbury (the Tor) the kind of people that will be best suited for this would be travellers people that like to explore and find out different things. Another type of person that would love visiting the Tor is someone that loves history, the Tor is a really old architect that has so much history to it that travellers and historians will be very interested in. the Tor is a great little trip for everyone to go and check out, at the top there is a little bored with historical information that has more detail about the history of the Tor. world-traveler2



The main location is Glastonbury, but i will be talking about and including different areas of Glastonbury in my magazine. Including different images from the main high street different shops and nice places to eat. But most importantly, i will be going up to the Glastonbury Tor, which will be my main feature in my magazine, and i will be taking pictures of the outside and inside of the Tor. For shop article i think i will be including the shop next door, as they are very unique and very interesting.

Human resource/Equipment

The only Human resource i will be using are the owners of the shop i will interviewing i will also be adding their pictures onto their article, for this i will be taking their photos in the shop, they will be stood in front of their best clothes, this will not only have a really nice/different background, it will also advertise their clothing and let people see what kind of things they sell. For their hair and makeup, i want them to be natural, themselves. I don’t want to change their appearance, i will also get them to dress in their best clothing they’re selling. this will be great for their advertisement. In my images that i use for the Tor there will also probably be people there so they will be included in that, this all depends on if it’s empty, i would like to get some people in it, just to also show that it’s a popular place to visit, on a day to day bases.

The equipment I will be using will be my canon camera to take the photos. For what i will be using to create my magazine layout i will using Indesign.

Planning- Synopsis of text

For my front cover i will be talking about and going into detail about the Glastonbury Tor as that will be the main image of the front page. I will also be talking about the Tor as it’s a very popular artefact. i’m going to be going to detail with the Tor i’m going to talk about all the great things about it. Also i’m going to talk about the history of it, so that people are really interested, I’m going to be including information like.. Before the Tor was built there was a church in the same place, but it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1275, the Tor was the “Stone church replacement” this was built, during the 14th century. And is still there to this day.

I’m going to be including information like that in the actual article, i will word it a lot better, this was just a rough draft.

For my second article i’m going to be writing about a shop at the top of the high street that is relatively new, that i know will be very popular. i will be talking about their different products they have in the shop, i will also be questioning the owners and getting some real information about the unique shop that has something for everyone.

Construction- Problems?

The only small problem I have encountered, is the major change in what i’m doing for my final piece. It means that i’m going to have to completely change all of the research i have been doing for my original idea. But i am really happy with  my final idea because i feel i will get better marks doing this at it makes more sense and i know what i’m writing about.

Overcoming this small problem was easy as I feel more comfortable writing about Glastonbury, its more unique and better to talk about.

Construction- Changes?

I have made a complete change to my original idea, originally my plan was to make my magazine based around my hometown- Frome. but i have only just decided that i want to do my magazine on Glastonbury, which i know a lot about and many of the best places to eat, shop and visit. Glastonbury is very different to many towns an cities. it doesn’t have a lot of shops or places on the high street like other towns. It doesn’t really have like Costa, or subway. like many of the other towns do. the food served is much more posh and vegan like.

I have already planned what i’m going to do my different pages on, whereas i was struggling to think of things to include originally when i was going to do my magazine about Frome. I’m very happy with my final decision.

Construction- Creative Decisions

For my front cover I’m going to make the main focus to be the Glastonbury Tor, this is because, you don’t find things like that in every town, also because the Glastonbury Tor in ancient, its history. The Tor is another word for high rock or hill. this was built in the medieval period, that is special. Having that on the front cover on your magazine is guaranteed to get some people wanting to visit to read into it a bit more, and check it out in person. Its almost like Stonehenge, it may look like just a bunch of rocks in a field, but its the history that is important about it, and why so many people visit regularly.

for the article page, i’m going to base that on one specific shop, one that i know a lot about and this shop is very unique that has things for everyone. The reason i have chosen to do this for the article page, is because i know so much about it so i can write so much on the article.

Time Schedules

31st Aug- Get the layout done, for my cover photo of magazine

1st Sep- Also work on my layout to get it perfected.

2nd Sep- Go out and take all the photos i need for the whole final piece including ancillaries.

3rd Sep- Get the photos up onto my final piece

4th Sep- Get photos up onto final piece and onto ancillaries

5th Sep- Get articles and everything else written onto my final pieces.

6th Sep- Carry on with writing and completing articles.

7th Sep- Get everything checked over making sure i have completed everything

8th Sep – Get everything finalised and uploaded.

  • If i get everything done earlier, i will upload earlier, i’m not sure how long everything will take to complete and upload.

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